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Monumento Editado / Edited Monument



For Edited Monument, I investigated memorials in Latin America and specifically in Chile. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as a consequence of the independence from Spain, a great number of public memorials were erected in most major cities to help build a new national image and reinforce national identity. Ironically, the new ruling class followed the European aesthetics for these memorials, and nowadays, most of the citizens do not know anymore who they represent. The heroes of the past have become anonymous sculptures.

Edited Monument uses photographs of memorials throughout Santiago de Chile, especially in the patrimonial areas of the city. The photos are then digitally edited to create a fiction, which releases these memorials from any specific narrative and enhances their pure sculptural form. Names and legends inscribed on the pedestals were deleted and a sort of inverted pedestal hides the hero depicted. The results are then grouped according to the sculptural pose by the following categories: hero standing, hero sitting, equestrian, and mythological scenes.


Fotografía y video instalación / Photography and video instalation



Este proyecto se ha expuesto en: /This project has been exhibited at:

- Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago de Chile. 2019

- PHotoEspaña 2017, Centro de Arte Alcobendas, España. 2017

- Bienal SIART, La Paz Bolivia.

- FoLa, Buenos Aires Argentina. 2016

- Michael Hoppen Gallery, Londres. 2015

- Guatephoto Festival, Guatemala. 2015

- Galería Metales Pesados Visual, Chile. 2015

- Galería Gabriela Mistral, Chile. 2014


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